6 Places You Should Be Putting Your Lead Magnet to Grow Your Email List from Scratch

Places You Should Be Putting Your Lead Magnet to Grow Your List From Scratch

So this week’s episode is all about the six places you should be putting your lead magnet to grow your email list from scratch. So I know that when it comes to building an email list, a really important thing, as they always say… the money’s on the list.

And as I always say, you don’t own the other platforms. You don’t own Instagram or Pinterest or Facebook or whatever. And my big reference, I know I’m aging myself here… but have you ever heard of MySpace?

It’s the best example. Sure, MySpace might not have been used for business, at least that I was aware of back in the day, cuz I used it during high school. But I used it. That was the precursor to Facebook. Facebook was like in its infancy whenever MySpace was around to give you a kind of reference here.

And MySpace is where like… everybody had a MySpace. Not everybody had a Facebook, and so that was one of those things. But now like nobody uses MySpace anymore, and it’s one of those things, you don’t own the platform.

So it breaks my heart to see businesses doing their business all on social media, relying all on it, all on social media. If you’re making an income from your social media, that’s great, keep doing it. But as they say, don’t put all your eggs in one. Because it’s a dangerous game. It’s a gamble. 

So your email list is something that you can take to the next platform. So say you use MailChimp and MailChimp says, oh, we’re closing tomorrow. You can take your email list from MailChimp and pull it over to ConvertKit or any of the other plethora of email service providers out there.

A Treat to Help You Grow Your List From Scratch

And one of the hardest things is getting that lead magnet and then actually building that list. So I’m here today to give you six places that you can put your lead magnet to grow your email list from scratch.

Speaking of growing your email list, I’ve got just the tool to help you out. I know how overwhelming it is to think about building a lead magnet and then promoting it. Not to mention worrying you’ve covered all your bases.

Which is why I had to make my Lead magnet Creation Guide. It’ll walk you through everything you need to do to make your own lead magnet. So grab your free copy of the Lead Magnet Creation Guide below.

*Note: Links with an * are affiliate links. This means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products I love and use in my own business.

Now that you’ve grabbed your copy of that, let’s dive into these 6 places you should be putting your lead magnet. I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for these. 

No. 1 - Home Page Header

So if you’re on WordPress, a really popular plugin for this is called HelloBar.  And if you use different tools… you don’t have to be stuck with just HelloBar. That’s a popular one that’s pretty easy to use. But if you have access to a theme builder or something like Divi or Elementor, then you can build that into your design and put it up at the top.

You know, a simple question to get their attention, make it a bright pop of color to really draw them into that. That’s a great place above the fold to put it.

No. 2 - Lower Down On Your Home Page

You’re above the fold section of your website is everything that loads on the homepage when someone loads that page before they scroll. So that’s the top to the spot where they’d have to scroll to see more.

So if you put your lead magnet in the header, you’ve got your navigation menu, you’re gonna have your next big like… hero section on your homepage. And this is probably gonna promote your next big thing or maybe at your shop, whatever you’re working on growing.

But another thing you can do, down the page, you can invite someone to kind of do more with you, learn more. And one of these things you can do is put it in your homepage down there in one of those sections.

No. 3 - Your Sidebar

Now, the other thing to keep in mind is that not everyone is going to land on your website from your homepage. So if you do things like Pinterest or Instagram and you’re sharing your blog posts, for example on Facebook, anywhere you share them. They’re probably gonna come in from a blog post. 

Put a picture in your sidebar, so off on the side. You know, most blogs have a little sidebar next to the post where it introduces you, who you are, what you do, what your blog and business is all about. And then can show some offers, maybe popular past posts. Other things like that, maybe different courses you offer and your lead magnet, that is a great thing to do there as well, to put in that.

No. 4 - In Your Blog Post

And then another place is actually in your blog post, because not everyone’s gonna look over at the sidebar because it is intended on the side. So if they’re fixated on what they’re learning about in your post. They may not notice the image right away over there. So if you take your blog post and maybe you put an image or a link to reference it, sometimes it can kind of get them to notice that as well.

That’s another place, because remember, they say that people need to see something seven times before they will engage with it or do something. So that’s a great thing to do.

No. 5 - Pinterest Pins

So I never thought of this initially, and I was kicking myself for not doing it sooner, at least on a more consistent basis.

But one thing I do is I make a new Pinterest pin. That’s the key there is making sure it’s a new Pinterest image and not the same image to your lead magnet. So when you put this on Pinterest, I do one every week. I have a couple lead magnets, so I kind of rotate through them. But getting Pinterest pins to a new image can help bring in some more traffic. So that’s another great way that you can put things out there and try to bring in people.

No. 6 - Freebie or List Growth Bundles

And my sixth and final option, this is something where it’s a little bit different than, you know… go put it over here. You know, put it in your header. It’s a little different, but it’s something that can be really beneficial.

So if you can get your lead magnet into a freebie, or like a free offer bundle. Maybe you’ve got a Low cost offer. Sometimes they’ll do a list growth kind of building offer bundle for free to grow everybody’s lists.

So part of this is finding the people who do them and getting in on their list. A lot of times they will source from their own audience. So that is one of the things, is finding the people who do those kinds of things and putting your info into it. Watching their emails for when they do it, cuz like I said, a lot of them like to outsource. But when you submit your info to that, whether it be your freebie or a low-cost offer that you want to give just to grow your list. Those are both really good ways to get some incredible growth on your list without having to do a ton of work or spending a ton of money on ads. So it’s all about what works for you.

Bonus - Guest Podcasting

I will give you. A bonus one, if you can get into a guest podcasting spot where they let you share a link to maybe a resources page or your lead magnet, whatever it is. If you can get into a guest podcast, that’s another way to get in front of someone’s audience and get some growth and see some interesting things and see some growth from that without having to do ads.

Ads are always an option, whether it’s Facebook and Instagram or Pinterest, however you wanna do your ads. But the thing is ,you wanna make sure that your freebie is actually converting at a good rate. So you wanna make sure that people who land there are actually opting in and that it’s liked and enjoyed by people, and it’s not just something that they see and go, oh, no, and then they just leave without opting in because at that point you’re wasting money.

And as a little bonus tip on that, if you do decide to run ads, I would recommend that you put some kind of low cost offer, a tripwire, something like that, connected to your lead magnet after they opt in. So that it will potentially help you recoup some of the cost of the ads.

The 6 Places You Should Be Putting Your Lead Magnet

So that is my recommendations for the six places that you should put your lead magnet to grow your list from scratch. The header of your website, your homepage lower down on your homepage below the fold. In the sidebar of your blog posts. In your blog posts. Making a brand new Pinterest pin image every week for your lead magnet or rotating through your lead magnets. And trying to get into some guest podcasts or freebie or offer bundles is another great way to grow your list as well.