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How's Your Foundation?

A good foundation is key to setting yourself and your business up for success. The foundation that’s needed here, is your website. It’s okay to be honest and admit that you’re not 100 secure.

 I’ve got just the thing to fix that. My Ultimate Guide To Do Your Website Pages the Right Way. I’ll walk you through the exact process I use for all my clients as well as my very own site.

Is SEO A Mystery to You?

I used to be so overwhelmed just with the idea of SEO that I put it off… for way too long. I avoided it at all costs. I ignored it, and pretended it wasn’t there. I told myself I’d get to it later. 

When I finally did that… I realized it isn’t so scary . It doesn’t have to be. So let me break it down for you so you can tackle SEO and start using it to your benefit.

How's Your Email List?

An email list is key to being financially secure with your business. The last thing you want to do is rely on your social media profiles to bring in income. 

Why? Not to age myself but do you remember Myspace? I’ll leave it at that. The point is, social media’s come and go eventually. Don’t let your business be victim to an aging social media platform and at the mercy of the metrics.

Download your copy of the Lead Magnet Creation guide today and start growing your email list today.

How's That To Do List Going?

I used to think that if I just wrote down my to do list I’d be fine, I could handle it. Nope, sticky notes ended up everywhere!! Talk about overwhelming… plus I’d forget things. I had to find a different way to manage my day to day of the business.

Let me introduce you to Asana, my right arm in making sure I get everything done and don’t forget anything. My Asana Setup Guide will help you get up and running to make the most of Asana and your time. Plus get a video sneak peak around my personal Asana I use for Behind the Scenes Genius.

How's Your Organization?

I’ve learned over the years that being organized is key to my ability to get things done efficiently and not waste time redoing or searching for things I’ve already done. As solopreneurs time is precious.

There’s a lot that goes into being organized. My Organized Business Basics Guide will walk you through what tools I use for my business plus give you my best tips to stay organized and productive.

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The Essential Website Planner

The essential Step-by-Step website planner & guide that walks you through all the things to consider before building your website.

Simple Site Secrets

A 5 day workshop covering the top web design secrets. Giving you the confidence to build a beautiful website, whether it’s a makeover or a rebuild.

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This is how I organize everything in my business. Combined with Google Drive and It’s my hub for all things business. 


ConvertKit use to be a cost to use, but now they have a free plan. Meaning you can start growing an email list for free.  

Lead Pages

When you’re ready to use an incredible tool to help you take your landing pages and opt-in forms to another level, LeadPages is the tool to use.


Canva is my favorite way to quickly make graphics and images for my business. It’s easy to use and free to get started.

Tasty Pins

Tasty Pins is the easiest way to manage your Pinterest pin titles and descriptions. I used to do this by hand years ago. And this is a time saver.


There are times when I need a graphic design tool that can do some different things than Canva. Adobe has been my go to for years. 


If you’re wanting a tool to help you schedule Pinterest Pins then this is it. They have a free plan you can get started with too!

This is how I organize everything in my business. Combined with Google Drive and It’s my hub for all things business. 


This is what I use to track my expenses and keep it all organized for me. Once a week I log in, update transactions, & add receipts.