Quit Searching 'How Do I Make My Website Look Good?' Once and For All.

Have you ever wondered what web design secrets are out there that no one tells you about?

You’re ready to be perceived as the professional solopreneur that you know you are. You know that having a beautiful website can lead to so many amazing things for your business.

From increasing your visibility, showcasing your brand, and even attracting your dream clients.

So you’re researching againhoping you’ll find those magical hidden secrets no one will never tell you about. Leaving yourself wondering if you’ll ever be able to build a website that shows you’re legit?

Are You Still Wasting Time Searching for a Way to Keep People On your Website for Longer & Grow Your Business?

It's time to build that website you're proud of, that looks great, and helps you meet your business goals.

It would look amazingwithout having to pay a designer a ton of money or selling your soul to find the right solution. And it would help you reach whatever goal you have for your business. 

Whether you’re goals are to get more traffic, more clients, build your email list, increase your visibility, or be know as the go to expert in your field. Your website can help you reach those goals and more.  

I know that you don’t have time for useless design tips. It’s not like you have all year to build your website. You KNOW your website can look beautiful… you just need to know how to do that… and make sure it’s on brand. And right now all you really want is to attract those dream clients & customers and showcase your brand. So let’s do just that!

My Secret to Building an On Brand WebsiteRevealed

It's time to showcase your brand & increase your visibility.

Imagine being able to craft that beautiful website that’s on brand. You couldn’t resist sharing it everywhere you can.

After this course you’ll be able to wake up to a beautiful completed website, because it’s gorgeous, and it’s keeping people on your site longer which is also helping with SEO and organic growth(Because more time on the page makes search engines like Google happy.)

Introducing Simple Site Secrets

Here's What We Cover In Simple Site Secrets:

We’ll go through branding essentials, apply that branding to your website, talk about text and fonts, cover visuals, and also go over layout best practices.

And when you put all of those things to work on your website you’ll be able to create a domino effect. You’ll keep people on your site for longer, which will lead to growth, and you’ll get to attract your dream clients & customers to your brand. 

I have done a crap tone of courses in the past three years and all I can say is this is THE one with the absolute BEST information broken down into understandable, easy lesson plans. The resources and knowledge you share in the training are priceless. I wish I had you when I first started building my website and battled through countless YouTube videos and other free training. Nevertheless, I have learnt a great deal and will probably be re-doing my website AGAIN lol. Everyone in the internet should know about Simple Site Secrets!

-Gipsy Schultz

Take a Peek Inside Simple Site Secrets:

We’ll take a look at how your business branding can affect your website. How intentional branding can have a positive impact on your website, like keeping people on it for longer.

We’ll then take a look at how to apply that branding to your website so you can make a good first impression. Because your website gets judged just like a books cover. We want your site to be as enticing as we can so people sick around.

We’ll make sure your website is easy to read and scan. The truth is most people don’t actually read everything, they skim. So making it easy to skim makes it easier for them to decide if they should stick around or move on.

We’ll then make sure you’re using the best photos, and where to find them. Plus we’ll talk about some important things to avoid and how photos are part of that essential and important first impression.

We wrap up with layout best practices so you can help your readers through your website. There’s some simple tricks to lay out your website in a way that flows. This will help get them to take action while they’re on your page.

Plus Get Instant Access to the BONUS Suite:

Website Tech Basics


How to get started with a website, from the domain purchasing, to the hosting, and more. Or, if you’re wanting to switch platforms, we’ll cover that too. Website’s have a lot of tech on the back end of things, and it can easily get over whelming

WordPress Website's Made Easy


Learn my recommended way of building a website. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as all the designers out there want you to think. But it doesn’t have to be tricky, or hard, or impossible. You just need to know the right way to do it, the easy way

Resource Library


All the resources you’ll need for your website at this stage of the journey. Your website is just that, a journey. And it comes with you on your business journey. I’ll give you all the helpful resources I can to make things easier on you.

Brand & Website Templates


If you’re totally new to business you don’t need a massive 5 page website, a simple 1 page site is a great start. I’ve shared with you 4 branding packages and matching 1 page website templates using my favorite tool.

Take a Peek Inside Simple Site Secrets:

All for Only $97

Hey There!! I'm Danielle

I help solopreneurs like you navigate the tech of running a business. My mission is to be the person in your corner, cheering for you, and helping you look good as you tackle it all. I know solopreneurship is hard and overwhelming, first there’s websites, then throw in email lists, digital product and course creation, and then there’s all the organization too.

When it comes to web design…. I’ve got a degree in web design… I know what they teach. You don’t need a degree. I use about a tenth of what I learned in school, and it’s things I share through my various courses. I use more of my self taught skills from years of experience in web design and running a business to know that experience does more than a fancy piece of paper can. If I can build a website and figure out how to run a business, you can too, I know it can be done.

Because I Believe In Simple Site Secrets So Much... I'm Proud to Offer the Genius Guarantee

If you feel like you’ve implemented these secrets and it’s still not looking how you want… I’ll send you a free 10 minute Loom video reviewing your overall website. Giving you tips you implement to make that website look beautiful.

You Can Learn the Secrets To...

  • Branding
  • Branding Your Website
  • Text & Fonts
  • Visuals
  • Layouts
  • Website Tech Basics
  • WordPress Websites Made Easy
  • Resource Library

For only $97

It's Time To Give Yourself Permission—Once and For All... to Stop...

  • Trying to copy other websites out there... because those aren’t your business or brand. To truly own how unique you are, your website needs to be as unique as you and your business.
  • Googling web design secrets hoping you’ll find some new website that spills it all... because if they gave it away for free you wouldn’t need them
  • Relying on a Premade WordPress Theme to Do the Designing For You… and then struggling to customize it. Because a WordPress theme can’t do what other options can. That limits you, your business, and your website design capabilities.

Nope. I Won't Sit Here and Tell Everyone They're a Good Fit for This But If You Feel Like...

  • You have no direction for how to make sure your website is on brand…. then you’re a good fit
  • You’re not even sure where to start when it comes to building a beautiful website… then you’re a good fit
  • You’ll never build that professional website your proud of that helps you hit your business goals… then you’re a good fit
  • You’ve got a handle on building your website and you know what you’re gonna do to get it built… then it’s not for you
  • You have a game plan and just need to figure out how to build it… then it’s not for you (But Web Design U might be for you)

Got a Question?

How does lifetime access sound? Plus whenever I do any updates I’ll be sure to send you an email to let you know about what’s new.

When it comes to building a website there’s the cost of your domain purchase (typically 12 to 30 dollars), the cost of hosting (typically 50 to 150 depending on how many domains you’ll need), and the cost of how you plan to build your website. Inside the Planner I’ll share with you how you can build it for as little as 50 dollars (or even free).

Building a website is work, I won’t lie to you there. Especially if you’re new to building a website. My recommendation is to set aside a little time every week to put towards actually building it. You’ll get it built over time, it just takes a plan.

If you’re totally new to websites, that’s okay, we’ll all start somewhere. You’ll want to take a good look at the bonuses.

If you’ve got another question you don’t see here please feel free to email Danielle at BehindTheScenesGenius dot com. Typically you’ll get a response from yours truly in 1 to 2 business days.

Are You Ready to Build a Beautiful Website ?

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