The Problem with WordPress Themes & How to Fix It When They Don’t Look Like the Demo Theme Site

You know… It didn’t take me long into my WordPress journey to realize that there’s a Problem with WordPress themes. I know they’re kinda essential and all but if I’m being honest…. I’ve got a problem with WordPress themes. And it all stems from the first time I used one.

You see, I started the web design world journey way back in the day and I didn’t even know WordPress existed. So when I came across it and started to learn the platform and all the ways you can design a website on it…. I was intrigued. Until I had to pick a theme. Then…. I hated it.

I was so limited.

See the problem is… I know coding and website languages, but I don’t know every one. And I don’t use them for hours and hours on end to be able to just code all my own websites. I needed a more feasible option that I could use in my business as a solopreneur. Because writing a website by hand with code… is so exhausting.

Sure, now I know how to make a website look amazing and not have to write code by hand. Be more dynamic, flexible, quick to update, and do amazing things. But it’s taken time.

But WordPress themes are so limiting.

I often found myself wondering a ton of things when I was trying to use a theme that looked beautiful on the demo site. Like…
Why doesn’t my WordPress site look like the demo theme site… and how can you fix that.

Look, I know that a theme is essential with WordPress. It’s like the basic set of instructions. Like the directions that come with a recipe.

But… I still have a problem with WordPress themes.

And, I know that there’s a lot that goes into building a website. But making that first impression with a beautiful website is important to keeping readers on your site.

But knowing what to do can be overwhelming. Which is why I put together an easy 5 day workshop to help you make your website look amazing!! Get your hands on Simple Site Secrets today. And in just 5 days you’ll be on your way to a website that will draw your visitors in.

And one of the easiest ways to get that website you love, is by using one of my favorite tools. Keep on reading to find out what it is.

It’s a Let Down When Your WordPress Themes Not Displaying like the Demo Site

I know that when you sit there and look at the pretty demo site of a WordPress theme it looks amazing! But then you put it on your website and you feel like it’s missing a little something.

You may be thinking it’s broken, wondering why your WordPress themes not displaying correctly.

Or, you may be wondering why your WordPress site’s not looking like the demo theme site.

It’s okay, the first time I used a theme I felt the same way. Thinking I was doing something wrong.

The Real Problem with WordPress Themes

You see… the real problem… they’re limiting. You have to work within the confines of what the theme is. If you want a specific style of theme and you only have so many options… you may not have the best choice of features.

Plus… you have to fight with the colors the theme creator sets. So maybe you love the layout but the colors and fonts don’t match your brand… AT… ALL… it sucks.

It feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle to make your website match your brand and business and not look like something weird thing that was thrown together.

But What Do You Do?

You have a few options here. You can keep diving into figuring out how to use the theme, and hopefully you’ll find some documentation from the theme creator on how to use it.

Or, you can take a different route to build your own website.

A Better Solution to the Problem with WordPress Themes

My favorite option of choice here is to use Elementor. It’s a theme builder. It works off a very basic level theme, that you then build your website on top of it.

Meaning you can build any website you want, and have it match your own brand colors exactly.

Elementor has created their own theme, called the Hello theme. It’s their lightweight theme that you then use as the base for your website.

And If you’re not sure that Elementor is right for you then you have got to read up on the issue with website builders. Check it out and see for yourself.

Want to see a site I built with Elementor? Aside from my own? Check out my most recent client Direction Masterminds. Built entirely with Elementor and their Hello theme.

But That Can Be Scary!!

I know, It’s frightening to think about building your own website. But it doesn’t have to be.

I know you have other things to worry about in your business than figuring out the website, on top of all the other things that go along with running your own business.

You deserve a beautiful website that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, or a college degree to figure out. And if that sounds like it’s right up your alley… go check out The Genius Template Shop from Behind the Scenes Genius.

You’ll find some pretty sweet bonuses to go along with those templates. Helping you have that beautiful, and affordable, website of your dreams.

I know it’s scary. And it’s okay to be scared. But take action, one step at a time. And you’ll have that beautiful website you want.

I hope you don’t run into any problems with WordPress themes and that you have smooth sailing with building your website. But ultimately… I hope you pick an option that gives you the most control over the design of your website.

So my task for you is to go grab Simple Site Secrets and make that website of yours beautiful.

So my task for you is to go to the shop and find a template you love. Get that on your site and customize away.