The Online Course Audit

The Online Course Audit - Behind The Scenes Genius

The Online Course Audit is a done for you audit that supports course creators to have a customized plan of implementation for your course, allowing you to have confidence that you’re implementing the right things that will help you provide a meaningful transformation for your students, deliver results, and crafting that magnetic student experience that allows you to continue to grow your business and expand your reach online.

Inside this program, you’ll gain…

  • the confidence to know that your course can bring in reviews and feedback without needing to have hundreds of students taking it to get any good feedback so that you can get more students into your course with ease because you’ll have those reviews to use as social proof.
  • the understanding of what it takes to make a course that can turn a student into a re-sign-up level biggest fan so that you can be even more excited to talk about and grow your business with confidence.
  • the comfort of knowing that when you start to implement these recommendations, that you’ll start to see rave reviews and referrals come in for your course so that you can have the comfort of knowing that it will be easier to continue your business growth.
  • the sight of seeing the efforts of your work, through questionnaire fill outs, affiliate sign ups, referrals, re-sign-ups, and more, so that you can have the confidence that you’re growing your business and making an impact in the lives of even more students.

All for an investment of $150.

If you’re ready to learn the exact steps your specific course needs you to take, so that you can ensure you’re creating a meaningful and magnetic transformation that delivers results while helping you grow your business and expand your reach onlinethen sign up for The Online Course Audit today.