Tools to Build a Sales Funnel On Your Website

I totally get how overwhelming it can be when you go looking for tools to build a sales funnel on your website. I remember when I was trying to figure out what tool I wanted to go with. Whenever I’d sit down to try and figure it out, I’d go to Google and start searching. And I’d find a different tool every time. All with different features and price points. Talk about overwhelming and confusing.

I want you to know that there are options that don’t cost you an arm and a leg. Because in business, how much you spend on the tools you use can add up real quick.

On a slightly side… but still related note…. do you wanna know one thing I’ve learned to stay on top of when it comes to business? Being organized. It’s super helpful, saves you time, and makes life easier. If this is something that you need to spend some more time on, grab your free copy of my Organized Business Basics guide. I’ll share with you my favorite organization tools and tips.

And, you should try to be as organized as you can, even with what tools you use, and how you manage the things within them. From your email, to website, and even funnels.

So What is a Sales Funnel?

Now, before we start diving into what tools. Let’s clarify what I mean by funnel.

A funnel can be many things, it could be your email list for example. But in this case I’m talking about selling your products or courses on your website.

So in this case someone would purchase a small course / digital product you have, say for less than $50. In the cart they would be offered to purchase an additional but still related product. (That’s called an order bump).

And then after they check out they get taken to a thank you page that also offers them another product along the same lines at a special price only available on this page.

That is what kind of funnel I’m referring to when I talk about building a sales funnel on your website.

What Do You Need for This?

There’s a few pieces you’ll need to actually put this together. They’re not all required but these will make for a smoother funnel that looks more professional.

  • Email Service Provider – To get automated emails to purchasers
  • More than One Low Cost Offer – Ideally you’ll want to have 3 low cost offers that all run along the same topic. One that is the initial offer, one to be your order bump, and another to offer after the initial sale.
  • Sales Pages Copy – You’ll want copy for your sales page for your initial offer as well as your upsell offer that appears on the thank you page.

Tools to Build a Sales Funnel On Your Website

There’s a few options you have when it comes to building a funnel. It’s all about knowing what features you want and where your budget is at.

Below I’ve listed a few different but popular options out there. You’ll want to take into consideration where your offers will be housed and how you’ll get them.

Personally, I use LaunchFlows. I chose this because it’s the best priced and it works best for what features I want and what tools I use that go with it. For example, my low cost course I sell is housed on a subdomain I have. I use a tool called Thrive Suite to build my course, and WooCommerce to manage the payment side of things. So LaunchFlows for me works best. 

Tips for a Better Funnel

There’s a few things to think about when picking out your tools and your funnel. Thinking about these things beforehand will make your life easier when it comes time to picking out tools and setting it up.

  • Do you want people to have to put their card info in more than once? Typically when they check out for your initial offer they’ll put their card info in. So If they choose to get the order bump offered at this point it typically just get’s added to the total and charged at that time. But what if they want that upsell you offer on the thank you page? If you don’t want them to have to enter their card info again… look for a feature called one click upsells. A good rule of thumb is the less friction there is… makes for more sales and happier customers.
  • What’s your budget? You can find tools at various price points. Can you find a cheaper tool to do the exact same thing you want and save your business some money for other things?
  • Map the process out. What do you want to happen after they purchase? Do you want it to send one email? Do you want it to send emails based on what they purchased? Is there a high ticket offer you want to pitch them?
  • Know how you’ll get people into your funnel. Make a plan of all the places you’ll get people into your funnel, from social media to ads and more. Knowing how you plan to get people into that funnel is key, you can build it, but you have to bring them to it also.

I know there’s a lot of pieces when it comes to your business and funnels. And there's a lot of tools to build a sales funnel on your website to pick from too.

From your offers, emails, tools, logins, financial stuff, and all the moving pieces of your business. 

Want to find out my favorite tools to organize my business and my best tips? Grab your free copy of my Organized Business Basics guide now.