Now You Can Have a Beautiful, Custom, Professional Website...

Without Playing Figure It Out and Throwing it Together or Spending Thousands

You’ve spent way too many hours researching on Google & YouTube. Learning more than you wanted to know about building a website— when all you really want to do is get back to what you do best and grow that business.

And right now all you’d LOVE is a good system to help you get it done already… like yesterday would be amazing. And if that system was something that could showcase your brand that would be the the cherry on top.

Who Else Wants a Website They Can Put Together... That Doesn't Take a Ton of Time or Money to Build? While Still Being Custom.

Kinda Like A Done-for-You System or Template.... In Hand and Ready to Make Your Own

Imagine being able to get your website finished in as little as a week. You wouldn’t have to worry or stress about it anymore. So you can focus on what you do best. You’d be able to wake up and focus growing that business. You’d get to admire that beautiful website that not only showcases your brand, but gets people to stick around longer, and helps you grow your business.

Quit Wishing You Could Either... For Over the Money to Pay a Designer or Be Better at Web Design...

Once and For All...

You’re a busy solopreneur with everything else on your plate. But you’re starting to see that there’s a lot more to web design than you thought. It’s got you feeling like you’ll never get that dream website you’re envisioning. It’s beyond you.

You’re tired of second-guessing yourself: Am I doing this right? Can I afford to just pay a designer? Do I have the time to figure this out myself? Web design isn’t what I’m good at, can I actually figure this out on my own?

When all you want is to get it done already so you can focus on growing your business. But you don’t want to settle for a website that doesn’t showcase your brand either. 

You're Closer to a Beautiful and Professional Website Thank You Think

Swipe My Framework to Build a Website & Get Up and Running in as Little as a Week

I’ve built enough website’s over the years to know that it takes time. Time to gather the materials, time to put things together, and time to bring the vision to life. Time that is precious when you’re a solopreneur. When you’re focused on the business, the last thing you need to do is take months to build that website. You know it’s important, it provides credibility and shows that you’re a professional. But you’re not a web designer.

From that experience of building websites, I’ve crafted my signature W.E.B. Framework. My system for building websites. The system I use so much now that I do it on autopilot. It’s like breathing.

Do you know that the first website I ever built that was for more than just fun… took me months to put together? Besides trying to learn a new platform… There was so much to think about, include, and do. And that was with me using a Premade WordPress theme.

You see, years ago. I forget how many. I wanted to start a business and I knew I did, but I didn’t feel ready to dive into a full on business. So I started with a little blog for fun. But to me this little blog was something I was gonna take seriously.

Between working full time and handling my school work to finish my college degree (for web design)…. I would come home and work on my blog’s website. I would sit there on my couch, head phones in, and just Google. And watch YouTube videos too. I spent so much time cramming my head with information and knowledge that sometimes I ‘d spend all day… just getting one task on my list done.

So when I say I know what it’s like to try and figure out how to DIY your website… and the utter overwhelm that goes with it. I get it. I also get how long it takes to figure out.

Which is why I had to create this.

Introducing Web Design U

The W.E.B. Framework and Template Combo—designed to provide you with the beautiful, professional, and customizable online presence you’ve been dreaming of.

This course is designed to help you get a beautiful website setup in as little time as possible. While still being able to make it custom to your brand

Here's What We You Get with W.E.B. Wisdom:

We’ll cover my signature W.E.B. Framework, get you setup with hosting and WordPress if you’re new, install your template and customize it, plus we’ll cover how to use SEO on your new website.

Danielle is extremely knowledgeable, she offers a lot of information, and is easy to follow.


Take a Look Inside W.E.B. Wisdom:

The W.E.B. Framework

Learn my signature 3 step W.E.B. Framework to build any website. We’ll also wrap it up by seeing it in action, taking a look at other websites and getting a visual representation of the elements of the W.E.B. Framework.

We'll cover:

Hosting & WordPress Setup Tutorials

Look over my shoulder as I help you navigate getting setup with Hosting and WordPress. If you’re totally new to websites then you’re in luck. I’ll walk you through the process so you’re ready to go with your website.

We'll cover:

Website Template & Installation Training

The easiest way to get a website up and running fast is with a template. WordPress has always been my tool of choice but my biggest gripe has been the limitations of using a theme to determine your website design. By using a premade template made by me using Elementor (my absolutely favorite design tool), you’ll be able to get up and running much faster than if you were to build it from scratch. Plus, I’ll show you how to install it and how to customize it to your business and branding.

We'll cover:

Resources & Workbooks

I know that there’s a lot that goes into building a website. So I’ll be giving you the best of my resources to help you customize your website template.

We'll cover:

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Let's Talk BONUSES:

SEO Training

SEO can be a mountain to tackle. Just trying to figure out all the pieces and how it all works together. Not to mention how to implement it on your website. Don’t worry, in this exclusive hour long bonus training we’ll go over how to use SEO on your new website.

We'll cover:

When You Add it All Up... It's a Value of $897... But You Can Get All Of This...

  • The W.E.B. Framework
  • Hosting & WordPress Setup Walkthrough Tutorials
  • Website Templates & Installation Training
  • Resources & Workbooks
  • SEO Training

For a One Time Payment of $297

Payment Plan Option Available

Hey There!! I'm Danielle

I help solopreneurs like you navigate the tech of running a business. My mission is to be the person in your corner, cheering for you, and helping you look good as you tackle it all. I know solopreneurship is hard and overwhelming, first there’s websites, then throw in email lists, digital product and course creation, and then there’s all the organization too.

When it comes to web design…. I’ve got a degree in web design… I know what they teach. You don’t need a degree. I use about a tenth of what I learned in school, and it’s things I share through my various courses. I use more of my self taught skills from years of experience in web design and running a business to know that experience does more than a fancy piece of paper can. If I can build a website and figure out how to run a business, you can too, I know it can be done.

Because I Believe In W.E.B. Wisdom So Much... I'm Proud to Offer the Genius Guarantee

If you feel like your website isn’t good enough after going through W.E.B. Wisdom. I’ll send you a free 10 minute Loom video where I’ll walk you through what you can do to make it the website of your dreams.

So What’s the Cost for W.E.B. & All The Following?

  • DIY It Yourself? – In hopes you can figure it out on your own for only the cost of your time? – But that takes so much time though!
  • Or Buying a Premade WordPress Theme? – That’s so limiting… you don’t really have any true freedom to design your website.

Payment Plan Option Available

But Wait... Have You Considered Trying To...

  • DIY It Yourself? – In hopes you can figure it out on your own for only the cost of your time? – But that takes so much time though!
  • Or Buying a Premade WordPress Theme? – That’s so limiting… you don’t really have any true freedom to design your website.

For only $297

Nope. I Won't Sit Here and Tell Everyone They're a Good Fit for This But If You Feel Like...

  • You have no time to build your website and just wish you had something that was easy to use, customize, and beautiful…. then you’re a good fit
  • You’re not even sure where to start when it comes to building a website… then you’re a good fit
  • You’ll never build that professional website your proud of that helps you hit your business goals… then you’re a good fit
  • You’ve got a handle on building your website and you know what you’re gonna do to get it built… then it’s not for you
  • You have a strong desire to build a completely custom website from scratch (no templates included)… then it’s not for you (but my signature course Web Design U might be)

Got a Question?

 How does lifetime sound? Plus, anytime I make an update, I’ll email you to let you know about what’s new.

When it comes to building a website there’s the cost of your domain purchase (typically 12 to 30 dollars), the cost of hosting (typically 50 to 150 depending on how many domains you’ll need), and the cost of how you plan to build your website. Inside the Planner I’ll share with you how you can build it for as little as 50 dollars (or even free).

Building a website is work, I won’t lie to you there. Especially if you’re new to building a website. But, if you’re in a rush and want to get up and running a week. Check out the Website in a Week lesson inside the Template & Installation module. I’ll let you know what to do to get up and running in a week and what you can do after the fact to truly customize your website.

If you’re totally new to websites, that’s okay, we’ll all start somewhere. You’ll want to start pay extra attention to the Hosting & WordPress Setup module to get setup and ready.

How Can I Get In Touch? – If you’ve got another question you don’t see here please feel free to email Danielle at BehindTheScenesGenius dot com. Typically you’ll get a response from yours truly in 1 to 2 business days.

Are You Ready to Build Your Website In as Little as a Week?

Option 1 - Pay In Full $297

Option 2 - 3 Monthly Payments of $117 Each

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