What to Do When You’re Not Okay with Your Website

I don’t want to sound like a broken record with this but I bring it up all the time because it seriously hurt me and my business. So if I have to keep bringing it up, I will.

Back when I started my business I was in denial I needed to niche down. I sat there with a business that I was always struggling with… because I wouldn’t take control of the problem.

If only I had taken control, admitted I was doing it wrong, and worked on fixing it. Instead, I suffered through for a good year, in denial, before I finally did something.

My point here is that if you don’t take control of things, if you just let them pass you by…

Tell yourself that you’ll think about it tomorrow, next week, next month… whenever… it’s gonna cost you.

I get it… your business is your baby. Your pride and joy you’ve been working at, growing, and putting your time into. And it’s hard to admit that you’re doing something wrong. It’s hard to face it, but facing it and doing something about it will make you feel a lot better in the long run.

That includes your website. 

When you’re in denial that your website needs some work, some love, some tlc… a total scrap and redo… it’s hard.

It’s especially hard when you’re the one who’s put it together yourself. You feel like you failed. (P.S. My business’s first website sucked pretty bad, so I know that feeling.)

But some times we can feel so upset about it, so lost… we don’t even know what to do or where to go. Just the idea about starting can be hard.

And if you find yourself needing a full redo… that’s okay. But when you go through it. Give your site a plan and a foundation. Download your copy of the Ultimate Guide To Do Your Website Pages the Right Way.

I know it can be scary to think about starting over but it’s okay. There’s a way you redo your website from scratch and not even miss a beat. (But that’s a story for another blog post.)

What Happens If You Don’t Take Control

I know sometimes it may be easy to think about just ignoring it… come back to it when business is slow and fix it then.

But that’s about the worst thing you could do.

I know having a website that you’re not happy with can cause you some mental anguish.

Depending on how you got there, it can cause you some anger, frustration, sadness, or anxiety.

But there’s also the other side of things. That website not being what you want it… could hurt business.

It could leave you stagnant… not able to do new things, to put in place some of those ideas you have for your website.

If you’re not happy with your site, you’re not gonna wanna share it with people. And that hurts too.

What to Do When You’re Not Okay with Your Website

I know it’s overwhelming to think about where to start. So let me walk you through a few things you can do. But, it depends on how your website was built.

If you paid a designer…

I’d start by asking your designer how they built your website? Was it a custom created theme? Hand coded? A page builder?

Depending on their answer you can then go from there. If they used a page builder, start watching YouTube videos in your downtime how to work with it.

If they used a custom coded theme or hand coded it… that’s a little bit harder. In that case I’d recommend you start with a page builder. My personal recommendation is Elementor. It’s drag and drop and very user friendly.

If you built it yourself that's fine too…

Start by looking at what about your site is making you unhappy?

Is it the colors that are throwing it off? Then do some research into branding.

Is it the images? Consider spending some money on a stock photo website.

Is it the layout in general? (You’ll want to click the image below, that will help with that problem).

Is it the features on your website that you’re not happy with? Do some research and possibly consider switching platforms. For example, if you used Wix but feel limited or are wanting to do something you can’t with it… consider switching your website to WordPress and using my favorite page builder Elementor to build it.

I know it can be overwhelming to think about. Where on earth do you even start when you’re not okay with your website?

It’s okay, it happens, you’re not alone.

Take action and don’t let time slip away as you put your website off.

The best thing I can tell you is to figure out what you don’t like about your website. And ask yourself what would have to happen for you to like it?

Then, do that. Work on it. No matter if you research, pay someone, or buy a new tool.

The important thing is that you’d be doing something about it.

No matter what you end up doing with your website. You’ll want to make sure it has a good foundation. The Ultimate Guide To Do Your Website Pages the Right Way can help you with that. So download your copy now.