Why Your Website Needs to Be Easy to Update

When I first started my business I thought I could just be a web designer… that’s it… just a web designer.

I didn’t think I needed to do anything more. I thought that was good.

Oh was I wrong. I was in denial that I had to niche down.

Once I started to niche down I had so much more clarity and direction. But I fought myself for so long. I just didn’t want to be open or flexible to change.

But that’s the perfect example of why your website needs to be flexible, why you need to be able to update your website. Because your business is always changing.

Your business is a living breathing thing and it’s going to be changing, shifting, and updating.

Your website needs to be a good reflection of your business and if you can’t do that you’re hurting yourself.

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You’ll want to make sure that your website has a strategy behind it when you build it. It’s important to do this or else all your hard work may end up just being a waste of time. To give it a good strategy, download your copy of the Ultimate Guide To Do Your Website Pages the Right Way.

But, before we plan that website out. Let’s make sure we’re building it the right way and making sure you can update your website easily.

What Do I Mean By “Update Your Website”?

When I say update your website I don’t mean updates like the apps on your phone update.

In this case I’m talking about a website that is easy for you to make changes to.

What kind of changes?

Anything from images, copy, colors, fonts, even the layout.

A website that is flexible is enough for you to make changes to anytime you need to make a change.

Whether that change is a new offer you’ve got, adding a shop, growing your email list, changing your branding, or doing an entire website redesign.

That’s what makes for a website that you can update.

Why Change Is Good

Change is a good thing. Change is always a good thing. (At least when it comes to business).

It could mean that your business is expanding and growing, it could mean that you’re narrowing down what you do and being more specific.

Change is always happening. Our businesses can change, the specific field you’re in could be changing, the tools you use… like social media are always changing, or maybe it’s the way the online business field is changing.

No matter what, change is always happening and we need to learn to be on our toes. And that includes making sure our websites are easy to update.

Why It Matters to Your Business

It may seem silly to think that if your website is easy to update it’ll help in business.

In business, sometimes things happen fast and we need to be able to react quickly.

Case in point, Covid. We all had to try to adapt quickly in business.

That ability to react fast or slow can cost money.

Not to mention, that at times, we want to try things out.

The best way to try something out is to be able to do it on your time and your dime. So if it doesn’t work it’s okay. You can try again.

Rather than have to pay a web designer and wait. Then if it didn’t work, you were out a bunch of money and had to pay to have it put back the way it was.

How It Can Cost You Time

If you can’t update your website easily, then you’ll end up wasting more time… or even money… when you do need to update it.

Depending on what method you’ve used to update it, it could cost you either time or money.

If you’ve used something that’s not very easy to update, you’ll waste your time trying to add to it or rebuild it.

And if you had a designer do your website for you, you’ll end up having to spend money to have them do more work, and waiting until it fits into their schedule.

Your website is an extension of your business, and it’s a living breathing thing that’s always needing to be updated.

From launches, new offers, and adapting to the changing market… it’s essential.

If you haven’t made sure that you can easily update your website, then it can cost you time and money.

When you build your website you want to make it flexible. But you’ll always want to make sure you’ve given it a good foundation with proper planning and strategy. You can build that foundation by downloading your copy of the Ultimate Guide To Do Your Website Pages the Right Way.