Why Your Website’s Never Actually Done

I’m convinced that all entrepreneurs are perfectionists, at least to some degree. Why? Because every entrepreneur I’ve ever met seems to either be there or has been there. And as a recovering perfectionist myself, it can be hard to deal with. It was even a harder thing to deal with when it first hit me… that your website’s never done. Not truly… there’s always work to be done.

You see… the perfectionist in me wanted to build it once, be happy with it, and never touch it again. And know it was perfect. Over the years I’ve been in business I’ve learned that your website is always going to be changing, adding things, adding services, changing  your lead magnet, what you’re offering or launching for that quarter.

Which is why it’s important to understand that your website’s never done. It’s best to accept that, don’t let perfectionism get in the way, and make sure you have control of your website.

Having control of your website alone will save you money and give you the freedom to get your website changes made on your time.

And that’s why I’m talking about why your website’s never done.

When it comes to your website, it can be a lot more flexible and easier to manage when you’ve built your site the right way, and given it that good foundation it needs.

But, before we go doing anything on our website. Let’s talk about why it’s never done.

Be On Your Toes

It’s important to be on your toes with your website. In business things can change and fast.

And when things change fast we need to be able to react. We saw that with Covid. So many businesses were discounting their services and pushing those. Or putting together new offers.

But not only that… when we’re always launching services. Either new or re-launching current services every quarter. That can make a change too. The lead magnet(s) that you use to build your list for that quarter may change depending on your topic.

You wouldn’t use a lead magnet about graphic design to build your list when you’re going to be launching something on the topic of web design.

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Break Free from Perfectionism

I know when you’re in the thick of perfectionism it feels like it’s got this hold on you that will never let go.

The best way to get through that though? Give yourself a deadline, do the best you can do within that time frame, and tell yourself that you’ll come back at a later date to mess with things if you still feel you need to.

It’s best to get your website to a point you’re happy with, one that you can use in business. Then, if you want to go back and update something on it, to “perfect” it, you can do that later.

But don’t spend so much time perfecting it that you never get there. The best way to get through anything in business is to take imperfect action. 

Be In Control

It may not seem like it’s important, but let me tell you it is pretty darn essential.

You’ve got two possible paths here. Kinda like that whole fork in the road thing. You’re wandering through the woods and the path forks. Which one do you take type deal.

On fork A you’ve got a web designer you’ve paid to build your website. (Nothing wrong with that.) You don’t know how to edit the design, or make any updates or changes to it. So every time you want to do something on your website… you have to go back to that designer. Pay them another fee, and wait for them to fit you into their schedule of availability.

On fork B you’ve got yourself. You know how to build your website and make any changes or updates you want to. It doesn’t cost you a dime to complete, just your time. You’ve also got the freedom to make that update when you want and in time for your deadline.

To me it sounds like the better option is B, and I’m a web designer. I’ve said it once, I'll say it again. It’s your business, and you should be in control… that includes your website.

It may be hard to accept, especially as a perfectionist, that your website’s never going to be done and not need any work done. But it’s the truth, and giving yourself that flexibility and control is the best way to manage your website.

And that’s why it’s important to accept that your website’s never done. Don’t let perfectionism get you, you can build your own website. It’s easier than you may think.

The best way to build a website is by starting with your foundation. I’ve put together something to help you with that foundation. Download your copy now of the Ultimate Guide To Do Your Website Pages the Right Way.