How to Make Your Site Flexible

When I built my first website for my business… I didn’t know you needed to make your site flexible. I didn’t know that was a good idea. So I didn’t… because I did what everyone else was doing in the blogging world…. I used a WordPress theme.

That’s right, I built my business’s first website wrong. I used a WordPress theme. I struggled super hardcore with that thing… like I spent so much time on Google just learning things.

The problem with my website though?

It was so hard to match my branding. It felt next to impossible to do. And on top of that, I was so limited on what I could do with my website.

Plus, by the time I got fed up with my design and tried something else… I needed a different solution… a better one… one that would last me longer. So I had to scrap and redo my whole website… because it was nowhere near flexible enough to grow with my business.

I learned the hard way that you need to make your site flexible.

Doing this will save you time, money, stress, and headache in the long run. (Trust me, been there, done that… don’t wanna go back)

So today I want to talk with you about a couple ways that you can make your website more flexible and less stagnant.

And while we want our websites to be flexible, we still need to have a good foundation to them. So if you’re feeling like your website needs a better foundation, download your copy of the Ultimate Guide To Do Your Website Pages the Right Way.

But, let’s look at how else you can make your site flexible.

Why It Needs to Be Flexible

I know I mentioned before how I learned the hard way… .why your site needs to be flexible.

But what I didn’t tell you was that when I had to scrap my entire website… It was so much more work. I had to research and learn a new way to do things, and start all over again… from square one with my website.

If you put together a website that’s not flexible…. That’s hard to work with, that can’t easily be changed, that has one layout and one layout only… that’s not very flexible.

And that’s a website that’s gonna be way harder to change when you need to update it.

It’s gonna cost you time, money, and probably some sanity too

The Way You Build It

The way you build it has a big affect on how easy it is to use, edit, tweak, and work with down the line.

Ultimately you want a website that will give you the power to do anything. This means that you’ll be prepared for anything down the line. Even things you may not think you need to worry about. You never know which direction things will go in your business.

Using something like a WordPress theme to determine your website design works for the short term… but it’s far from flexible.

Every WordPress site has to have a theme. That’s just a fact. But how much that theme determines your website’s design… is under your control.

My recommendation to not be limited by what a WordPress theme can do…. Use a page builder.

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My personal favorite… Elementor. It can do anything I can think of. I’ve never been limited by what it’s capable of.

Your Copy

Another important way that you can make your website flexible is with your website copy.

It may not seem important but the copy is that last little bit that pushes your readers over the edge.

If your website is beautiful, looks enticing, and is keeping your readers on the page… that’s great.

But your website copy will give it that little extra push it needs.

But how?

You want your website copy to be something that fits you now, but is also something you can grow into.

Not every single word of it can be this way, some things have to be more rigid and meet you in the here and now.

But, when possible… It’s a great idea to make your copy something that will be with you as you grow. If you can use a different wording to get the same effect, but also allow you to grow with that… that’s perfect.

Give it a Plan

Your website can be as beautiful as you can make it. And it can have the best copy in the world. But, you’ll still be missing another key element.

You need to give your website a plan.

If you throw all your ideas onto the pages of your site… you’ll understand what you’re getting at with it. But you’ll overwhelm your readers.

Your website needs a plan, to tell it what it’s job is. You have to be the one to tell your website its purpose in your business. Just like every other tool, service, and thing you do in your business…. They all have a job. They all help you do something.

Just like social media helps you connect with your readers and grow your following…. Just like ConvertKit stores your email list and helps you grow it.

They all have a job. Your website is no different.

It needs to be viewed as a tool. How is it going to help you in your business?

So, the next time you take a look at your website… don’t do it the hard way.

Make your website flexible, build it the right way, use copy you can grow with, and give it a plan.

And if you’re ready to give it that plan then you’re in luck. I’m giving you … for free… the exact steps I use to give my website and my clients websites a plan. Download your copy now so you can build that website the right way.